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Have an event coming up? You may consider using one of a our sites locations for your banner! Download our banner application for your convenience.

Banner Application   

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Community Park Banner Policy

All Non-Profit, Non-Community Partners will be charged a $50 per banner fee to cover staff costs.

This fee will be collected when receiving the Banner Application.

Purpose: To permit and regulate the posting of temporary event banners with the GDRD Community parks.

Policy: Posting banners with the GDRD community parks shall be permitted under the following regulations:

1. All banners must be made of a banner fabric (such as vinyl, ) and include grommets for posting

2. Banners may only be posted to promote events taking place in the Divide community and sponsored by a non-profit or community group.

3. Banners used shall not be larger than 4’ H x 6’ W (a minimum of 4’ x 4’ is recommended).

4. The location of a banner shall be restricted to the designated area of each park.

5. Banners may be displayed for two weeks prior to the advertised event and will be removed the day following the event. Additional time will be considered if space available.

6. There shall be only one banner posted per event, per site.

7. The posting of banners as described shall be under the direction of the GDRD. GDRD will put up and take down the banners, and rotate them at the site as necessary.

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